Portfolio > A Relationship With The Sun (Household Objects)

In the series A Relationship With The Sun, I combine the traditions of still life and en plein air painting to better understand the greater context of the domestic space in which I live and work. I am interested in aligning my painting practice with elements that are outside of my control in order to feel more connected to aspects of my daily life. To produce the paintings, I rely only on direct sunlight that streams in through the windows of my house to illuminate the objects, and therefore relinquish control of an integral part of the painting process. I work at times that are dictated by the predictable path of the sun across our sky, and consider how the floor plan of my house, placement of windows, and natural elements that surround determine where, when, and for how long the painting sessions will occur. The unpredictability of weather systems and cloud formations can frequently interrupt or postpone the paintings.